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Helping Refugees

In winter 2013 hundreds of thousands of displaced Syrians came to Lebanon to escape the ravages of war in their hometowns.  The UN reports that as of March 2016, 1,050,000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon alone are registered with them.  The actual number is much higher because many have not registered with the UN.
Many came with just the clothes on their backs.  Our first response to the flood of refugees in our immediate area was to focus on meeting their immediate needs for food, warm clothing, and heating in their shelters. The first year we distributed over $100,000 worth of supplies.  In 2015, these families became more settled and the UN stepped in with food and medical aid for families. 
The needs of Syrian refugees in Lebanon began to shift to long term issues, like jobs, training, and education for their children. In response to these new needs we began to provide education for the children and jobs for many adults.  Over the past two years we distributed over $150,000 in financial aid for school tuition on behalf of needy families who want to provide good education for their children. 
As we got to know many of the refugees personally, we noticed that most were not aligned with any of the fighting factions in Syria.  But everyone was appalled at the hatred and violence they witnessed.  Many told us they felt like their whole way of life has failed them; they were very disappointed in themselves.  The atrocities they witnessed first-hand revealed a depravity within their own hearts that they never thought existed. This led many to become more open to other cultures and ways of life. The people of Syria need help with issues deeper than daily existence, they need a new compass by which to find a new way of life.  
Your financial help allows us to continue to be involved with more and more families.  
Will you help us stand with the people of the Middle East offering them the love of God?

Our Mission

Promote communities that are transformed by the love of Jesus Christ.

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We believe the Gospel transforms individuals, communities, and the world

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